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The Trimble Fieldlevel II system is everything you need for surveying, design, machine control and all in a user friendly package.


The Autoslope function provides a complete solution for installing both sub-service drainage and surface ditches. Survey, design and install  your

drainage system from the seat of your cab.




  • Utilize the section line function which provides a simple method of driving the alignment where you wish to install tile or clean a surface ditch.

  • Autoslope funcionality is flexible enough to allow you to perform a survey/install work flow on each alignment. Or, survey all your alignments at once and install later.




  • Ensure that the tile or ditch profile is designed to your requirements at the rigth slope and right depth using built in algorithims.

  • Control the design by constraining minimum slope, minimum depth, maximim depth, optimal depth and outlet depth to ensure that the system designs the profile to your exact soil and slope requirements.

  • View your profile before installation to see where constaints could not be met due to vertical alignment of the land. Easily adjusts your constraints to allow the tile or ditch design to fit.

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